Posted on July 6, 2007


Apple has done an amazing job marketing the iPod to every generation.  They plaster cities around the world with ads like this: 


No words.  No picture of the device.  And yet, I know what they’re selling me.  And, for that matter – who is selling it.  Even though I feel like I’m being converted to a MacAddict or recruited to some sort of in-my-head-all-the-time music-loving cult, I love my iPod and couldn’t live without it. 

So, because I don’t live on another planet, I also couldn’t let this week go by without at least talking about the iPhone once.  At first, I resisted the hype.  I was at the Consumer Electronics show (yes, the one that Steve Jobs stole without even being there), and I remained appropriately skeptical as the world went crazy for 6 months over a device that didn’t yet exist.

That is, until this:

The rumblings continued to grow… in the blogosphere, the investment community, among my friends, clients and colleagues… without a single peep from Apple.  I only caught a glimpse the first time I saw the commercial.  That was all it took.  I was sold.  I’m one of the millions of people who were swayed by a simple TV ad into lusting over a $500 device. 

I have a cell phone, I have an iPod.  You can have them both if I can have an iPhone.

iPod ads: 4/5 stars (some are a little creepy)
iPhone ads: 5/5 stars

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