Wine – oh!

Posted on September 18, 2007


I’ll blame it on vacation, moving to a new apartment and traveling for work twice in a month, but that’s no excuse for the lapse in posting.  All of that has however, given me lots of new topic ideas, the first of which was involved in all of the situations above: wine.

During my vacation, I headed back to my old stomping ground in Napa, CA.  Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to keep some great friends with connections to the wine business.  Given my involvement in marketing and PR and their close ties to the industry, we’ve had some lively discussions about what the wine business needs when it comes to reaching out to our generation. 

A friend that works for a traditional and fairly expensive winery noted that his bosses don’t see a need for social media engagement or campaigns that go beyond, "here’s the new vintage, come and get it."  Apparently, they feel that their loyal audience is well established and if they’re selling out of each vintage at $60-$100 a bottle, then additional marketing is a frivolous investment.  There’s something to be said for that, BUT…

In a world where GenXYZers are bombarded by beer and vodka advertisements, it becomes more and more important for wineries to invest in reaching a younger audience that will remain loyal later in life.  Only a few companies are even attempting this – and it’s my belief that their efforts are benefiting the entire industry.  However, even though they’re sparking our interest, the young, hip [yellow tail] wineries of the world can only carry the industry so far.  and when we graduate from two-buck-chuck, what will GenXYZ turn to?

At this point, all I have are the questions, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on the potential solution.  More to come on this topic soon…

(By the way, it’s harvest in the valley and if you ever have the chance to visit Napa, now is the time to go.)

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