Riding the T with dEE

Posted on September 20, 2007


As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t commute.  I suppose that everyone does in a way (I don’t actually live at the office, even though it feels like I do).  However, my commute consists of a 10 minute walk.  My colleague, dEE (someday I’ll explain the nickname) on the other hand, rides the T to our Boston office every day.  dEE, as an honorary member of GenXYZ, has some insightful thoughts about marketing to commuters and starting this week, she’ll be a guest columnist from time to time.  Her first column follows (thanks, dEE!):

I was riding home on the T today and just had to voice my reaction to the latest T marketing campaign.  When I descend the stairs into the depths of the tunnel at Copley, I am greeted by big signs with green and white lettering screaming CHANGE in bold, block letters.  It’s a marketing campaign for a new line of pre-prepared organic foods by the brand Seeds of Change.  The ads have a small picture of a certain meal or meal ingredient (rice, tomato sauce, frozen entrees) and are accompanied by famous cheesy quotes that include the word change, like "change is the spice of life," or something like that.

So maybe the ads are effective because they drove me to check out the Seeds of Change Web site, but when I see them I really just feel as though they are screaming at me, demanding me to CHANGE. CHANGE. CHANGE.  What’s wrong with me? I don’t need to change that badly.  Perhaps they should suggest change rather than demand it.  I mean, people of our generation are known for responding negatively to rules and demands in order to make their own rules.  So in my opinion: seeds of peace is going to loose the marketing battle with generation xyz if they keep yelling at us. 

That’s all for now.  Tune in next time.

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