Spoke too soon?

Posted on October 16, 2007


Apparently, I spoke too soon in the previous post.  I may be greener than most, but my iPhone isn’t :(.

From Newser: Apple talks a green game, but the iPhone isn’t as environmentally friendly as many of its competitors, says Greenpeace. The company got a pat on the back from the group last May for Earth-friendly electronics, but since then has fallen behind other cell phone makers, with some potentially nasty chemicals showing up in the iPhone’s antenna and headset. ??? Greenpeace makes the charges in a YouTube video attacking Steve Jobs as a hypocrite, after the CEO promised a greener Apple and failed to deliver, reports the Fortune Apple blog. It’s not so much what they are doing that’s drawing ire, says Fortune, but what they’re not doing???like failing to match the enlightened recycling programs of Nokia and Sony Ericcson.

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