Just Google It

Posted on October 31, 2007



I just finished reading The Google Story, and must say it was a great book – especially for those of us that weren’t there at the height of the dot-com boom.  I’ve always (ok, for a long time) said that if I were to go back in time, I would want to be in the Silicon Valley when it was at its best – multi-million dollar cocktail parties and multi-millionaires in khakis on every corner ;).

In any case, the best thing about the Google Guys is that they have a unique way of looking at situations that involves flipping a problem on its head, or standing on theirs to get a better view if necessary.  It’s inspiring to read about those types of people and makes me wonder how I can apply those same rules to my own life, in work and at home.  There’s always another solution out there.  Whether the alternative is better or not is usually in the eye of the beholder.  Also, as the Google Guys taught me – it’s worth at least asking.

In any case, I’m fully entrenched in the Google economy.  I Google before first dates, I Google my clients and celebrity gossip, and I Google myself (admit it, you do too).  It’s hard to imagine the world before Google and I think I speak for most of GenXYZ when I say that I’m grateful to Sergey and Larry for bringing me a wealth of information that I don’t think I could live without.

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