Not So Boring… Wall Street News

Posted on November 7, 2007


This is something I’ve been meaning to write about for a while:



WallStrip takes something that isn’t all that fun or interesting to GenXYZ – financial and market news – and makes it, well, not-so-boring.  Now, before you start to argue that GenXYZ’ers are interested in Wall Street news, let me tell you that that was an intentionally broad statement.  The truth is: I’m not all that interested except where my clients are concerned (and this blog is really just about my need to project my feelings onto others :)).  Also, of my GenXYZ friends, I would say that those who are interested in following the stock market fall into a couple categories:

1) those who get paid (very well, I might add) to follow the market, or trade on it…

2) those who are interested in landing a man/woman (but mostly a man) that fits into category #1… or

3) the kind of people who are too intellectual for their own good, and who consequently consume EVERY bit of media and information that comes their way (I know a lot of people like this, come to think of it. WallStrip is just one small step in helping me keep up.)

In an attempt to keep this short, I’ll close by saying that WallStrip is a great show/site – a little SNL meets WSJ.  Check it out.

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