Does the StupidFilter Work Offline, too?

Posted on November 20, 2007


Just read this article in Fortune about the StupidFilter, a service "that promises to do to idiotic online comments what a spam filter doesto junk and unwanted e-mail: put it in a place where it can’t hurtanyone anymore."  This all leaves me thinking: can I get one of these to use offline?  I, like most people, say stupid things that I want to take back.  But, more important, I think it would be great to just press a button to automatically alert people to the fact that their point isn’t valid and really, not even worth saying aloud.

The online version of the StupidFilter (I love people who get straight to the point when naming products) works by intercepting the stupid comment just before it’s published and flashing a littlealert at the author that reads: "This comment is more or lessunintelligible. Please try to restate it."   Of course, this isn’t as easy as a junk filter on your email, so these guys have their programming work cut out for them.

Overall, StupidFilter has a noble cause.  It’s funny to me that we already have to fight stupidity online – a place where you can learn so much.  However, I can see how anonymous stupidity will continue to run rampant without the intervention of this genius filter.

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