Riding the T with dEE

Posted on November 30, 2007


Another installation from my commuting friend, dEE (she’s a bit frustrated this morning, wonder what happened on the T)…

OK.  Riding the T with dEE continues as I express my frustration regarding T Etiquette among Americans and gen xyz-ers in particular.  I’m not sure if any of you have ever been to Europe, but they’ve got it all figured out in terms of etiquette (as does Beijing according to my worldly office cubicle mate).  For example, imagine you’re riding on the T, Metro, Underground (what have you) and its so crowded that everyone is pressed up against everyone else and you can feel the breath of the person next to you.  If you’re carrying a enormous backpack, or any bag for that matter, it will take up the space of another person if it’s over your shoulder or on your back.  All you have to do is take it off and set it between your legs.  PROBLEM SOLVED.  For some reason, the citizens of Boston do not understand this concept.  Of the several European countries I’ve visited, the whole removal of the bag thing is a given.  Why are American gen xyz-ers so ignorant about this considering the travel opportunities that are available to us these days?

And the etiquette problems don’t stop there.  Why don’t people in the US know the escalator rule? It’s the same as the roads — the right is the slow lane and the left is the fast lane.  Walk left, stand right.  If you’re not going to walk up the escalator, don’t plant yourself in the middle, or worse, don’t stand next to your friend and take up both lanes so that nobody else can get by.  People have places to go when they are commuting.

So, moral of the story: because gen xyz-ers aren’t smart enough to pick up on etiquette on their own, someone needs to implement a T Etiquette campaign to whip us into shape.  At least people are still giving up seats for the pregnant and elderly these days.  If that’s stops, I’ll be really infuriated and maybe start the etiquette campaign myself.

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