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From Holy Water to … Pot?

January 30, 2008


I'm fascinated by vending machines. Especially today after I read that that L.A. is keeping up with its cutting-edge image by dispensing marijuana in vending machines. Also, last month, I saw both Proactive - the acne face wash miracle - and Eliza...

Kid at Heart

January 24, 2008


I will fully admit that when i first saw Pleo, the robot dinosaur, my first reaction was, "I want this!" However, I do see Pogue's point. I'm sure the novelty would've warn off almost immediately if Santa brought me one this year. As a funny side ...

What’s On Your Mind?

January 17, 2008


Here's what's on my mind this week (you know, along with all my client work, New Year's Resolutions and recovering from the Consumer Electronics Show...)... 1) Equinox Ads - AdAge profiles the new Equinox ad campaign here. Basically, they call it ...

Help?! The Commercials Have Been Replaced by Politicians

January 3, 2008


Actually, I care, but thought that image was funny. I'm back from the holidays now and have noticed that all the commercials I came to know and love last month have been replaced by presidential campaign ads. They're everywhere saying, "I approve ...