Kid at Heart

Posted on January 24, 2008


I will fully admit that when i first saw Pleo, the robot dinosaur, my first reaction was, "I want this!"  However, I do see Pogue’s point.  I’m sure the novelty would’ve warn off almost immediately if Santa brought me one this year.  As a funny side note, my mom bought a similar robot, albeit in pony form, for one of the kids in our family this year.  I’d be interested to see if they’re still riding the pony around the house.  (Mom, to let me know, leave a comment below)…

On another semi-related note, here’s the most interesting point in Pogue’s article today: "And so here???s what I think the world needs: a new Web site You???d list an object that you want to own — butfor only a short time. Other people sign up, too, so that a chain ofpurchasing is set up in advance….You buy the thing at full price.When you???re finished with it, maybe a couple of weeks later, the nextguy buys it from you for 85 percent of the original price. Then hesells it to the third guy for 85 percent of that. And so on, until thelast guy gets the hand-me-down Pleo for, say, $25. Everybody???s happy,and there???s not a bunch of closeted Pleos all over America."

David, sign me up!  Just when I thought there weren’t any good ideas left… There are already similar services for renting luxury bags… but this is really great.  I could get Pleo, satisfy my desire to act like I’m 5 years old for a few weeks and then send him on to another good home.  Brilliant.  Someone should make that happen, and when they do, I’ll be first in line (or second, I don’t mind used dinosaurs)… 

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