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Great Ideas You Should’ve Used Differently

February 19, 2008


I'm an online shopaholic. Ok, I'm an offline shopaholic, too. So, I was interested to read this article in AdAge talking about a new virtual model service that they call "Subservient Chicks," and for a good reason. The idea is a good one: to make ...

No, I will NOT lick your magazine

February 15, 2008


Sound, yes. Smell, maybe. Taste, no. There's a line, and advertisers continue to cross it. Check out this article from the WSJ about lickable advertising. Essentially, it talks about a new ad campaign from Welch's that encourages consumers to lick...

Geek videos are cool

February 13, 2008


Random thought for the day... geek videos ARE, in fact, cool. Take, for example, this one about Scrabulous: Which brings me to something else -- one of the BEST ways you can market to my generation is to take something away from us. Scrabulous, To...

Scott Goes “Kool” Hunting

February 1, 2008


My super-hip boss (he hates it when I call him my boss), Scott stopped by today to tell me that he'd been "Kool" hunting. Now, this isn't like my favorite Cool Hunter, Josh Rubin (sorry, Scott). It's more "Kool" hunting of the odd, commuting varie...