Scott Goes “Kool” Hunting

Posted on February 1, 2008


My super-hip boss (he hates it when I call him my boss), Scott stopped by today to tell me that he’d been "Kool" hunting.  Now, this isn’t like my favorite Cool Hunter, Josh Rubin (sorry, Scott).  It’s more "Kool" hunting of the odd, commuting variety.  Here’s the ad Scott found while riding the train:

What kind of crazy shoes are those?  For the record, Scott (who actually has kids that probably want these) thinks it’s weird that an athletic brand would partner with a sugary drink mix in some sort of footwear marketing gimmick.

I disagree.  It’s a natural fit.  Kids love to run around, kids love sugar.   Therefore, Koolaid should decorate Reeboks.  Reebok probably also put an injection mechanism on the bottom of these shoes to get the hyper-juice directly in your kids’ bloodstream. 

I’m not sure where this campaign will go.  The shoes are ugly.  It will take some seriously "kool" endorsement deal from someone other than the Koolaid pitcher to make it work if you ask me.  On the other hand, marketing to kids is a different ball game.

Let me know what you think.

Full disclosure: I LOVE KOOLAID.  STILL.  (see the Kid at Heart post)

UPDATE: If Scott was a celeb, he would be Sawyer from LOST… (I think it’s the hair)


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