Great Ideas You Should’ve Used Differently

Posted on February 19, 2008


I’m an online shopaholic.  Ok, I’m an offline shopaholic, too.  So, I was interested to read this article in AdAge talking about a new virtual model service that they call "Subservient Chicks," and for a good reason.  The idea is a good one: to make online shopping easier for a hard-to-shop-for category, lingerie.  The result creeps me out a little.

Basically, by going to KnickerPicker, you can choose a model with a similar body type to yours and have her model panties for you.  She turns around and walks closer on command.  I don’t know… if I’m ordering lingerie online, I kind of want to hold onto the idea that I’m the only one who’s ever warn it.  I’m sure they send you a new pair and all, but seeing someone else in MY undies is just strange.  My bet is that men will be more interested in the site than women…

On the other hand, this would be a great shopping alternative for jeans.  I don’t really care who’s worn those as long as they look good on me when I get them.  There are some things you should really just buy in the store, the old fashioned way.

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