Fafa… FUN.

Posted on March 18, 2008


Who doesn’t love celebrity gossip?  Who doesn’t love NCAA brackets?  Well, I love both.  Mostly because I once won our office pool simply choosing winning teams by uniform color and cutest mascot.  That’s another story. 

This year, I have a bracket that’s much more fun.  It’s from Fafarazzi: http://www.fafarazzi.com/bracket.  Basically, they let you pick celebrities instead of basketball teams.  Then, throughout the tournament, celebrities move ahead based on how much they’re in the news.  If Lohan is in the news more than Jolie, she wins that round… and so on.  Everyone has their own strategy.  Betting on the pregnant stars is generally a good one.

This time of year, someone is always writing the story about lost productivity due to NCAA brackets and online videos, etc.  My bet is that even more productivity will be lost this year as the ladies get involved.  Go ahead.  Try it.  It’s fun.


*full disclosure: our PR firm is doing some work with Fafarazzi around the tournament.

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