Americans love McD’s, right?

Posted on April 4, 2008


Well, not this American.  There are many, many reasons I don’t like McDonald’s (or United Airlines, actually, but thats another story for another day), but here’s just one.  I saw this article in AdAge today about how McD’s is trying to clear up its reputation by listening to consumers and answering all our questions.  They’ve set up a couple of things to accomplish the goal.  One is this site which dispels what they call rumors about their food.  The other avenue is this site filled with "mom quality correspondents." 

Taking on McD’s is sort of like taking on the world, but I think I’ll have to call their bluff on this one anyway.  No chance those moms care that much about McD’s without being paid.  And, if they’re really trying to "listen" to their customers, where is the forum that I can write in?  They clearly don’t want to listen to me… but then, I’m not a customer.

Stay tuned… I’m sure they’ll be called out on this later – just like all the big brands before them…. Walmart, Whole Foods, the list goes on…

In any case, just a little rant to start your weekend.  I’ll be back on the positivity train next week (after the UA story).

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