I want! I want! I want!

Posted on April 9, 2008


You know when advertising makes you want something?  When I was a kid, I’d kick and scream until I got that "something"… today, I’m still the same kid at heart, but now I’m also the adult kid that has to buy the things I want for myself. 

In any case, lately I’ve been seeing more and more TV ads that tell me my decades-old TV is not only ugly, but soon, it won’t even work.  Clearly, I need a shiny new HDTV.  I’m not even crediting a single company with a genius advertising campaign here – although maybe that’s the point.  Collectively, the HDTV industry is working together to make me want a new TV.  This is all coming from the one "kid at heart" you know that doesn’t have cable. 😉

This, however, is possibly the most genius ad ever for TVs:

It’s for a Sony Bravia and I will never stop wishing I’d seen that in person.  The video shows the commercial and then the making of the ad.  Enjoy!

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