Ode to all things green

Posted on April 11, 2008


I’ve been thinking more and more about how I live a more sustainable life.  All those flights to Chicago aside, I’m making some small changes that over time will have a big impact.  I haven’t given up the conveniences of modern life like this guy, but he is truly an inspiration to us all (he has goats.  smiling ones).

Check out the video:

Also, since this post should say something about advertising, I find it really ironic that the first time I watched the video from Boing Boing TV, it was interrupted by ads for a BMW.  Doug Fine writes a book called Farewell, My Subaru, and you put an ad for BMW in the middle?  Not ok.

p.s. Another time I’ll tell you the story about my fight with the grocery store clerk that put a plastic bag inside my reusable one.  Followed by the comment, "my time is more important than the environment…"  I guess that is the story.  Infuriating, really.

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