Alone and fat in the lip gloss aisle

Posted on April 18, 2008


Today, I???m hosting an awesome guest blogger who always has a lot to say and is never shy about sharing her opinion.  Here???s what???s on Sue???s mind??? keep in mind that this week, ???she???s so Colorado.???

Use lip gloss as a diet strategy? Drink juice for better skin? Sounds a little too good to be true??? This weekend I saw a new lip gloss, Fuze Slenderize, which claims to "energize and slenderize." It has an "appetite curbing" ingredient–Is this like effedrin you smear on your lips? If so, no thanks.

I also recently got a sample of Borba Life Balance water which, as a huge XXX Vitamin Water fan, I was excited about. The drink claims have skin clarifying ingredients, which, honestly, I wouldn’t have paid much attention to if right on the bottle it didn’t say in big letters "for oily skin and clogged pores." Now, I like skin products as much as the next person, but when asked about your delicious looking drink, who wants to say, "Oh, this? Its for my acne and clogged pores." Nor do I want to broadcast the fact that I’d like to lose 5 pounds through my tube of lip gloss.

These products seem a little reminiscent of Campbell’s mishap with "Soup for One" ??? people didn’t want to buy a product that reminded them they were eating alone, but when Campbell’s rebranded it as "Soup in Hand," the product took off (mmm???tomato). I like lip gloss, I like flavored water, and I like soup, but I’d rather the products I buy didn’t advertise the fact that I’m alone, fat and have oily skin.

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