Consumers Officially Complain For Stupid Reasons

Posted on June 18, 2008


As TechDirt points out in it's "makes-no-sense" (ha ha) department, people complain for silly reasons.  Most recently, consumers asked the state of CA to intervene on their behalf against companies that claim to provide genetic mapping services over the internet, think 23andMe.  Apparently, these consumers felt that the test were only questionably accurate, and they were too expensive.  Really?  You didn't know how much it cost before you bought it?

What strikes me about these complaints is that I think you have to be relatively savvy to know about things like 23andMe.  Purchasing genetic testing kits over the internet isn't for everyone.  In fact, maybe that's why the price is a little high — to keep out the crazies :).  Are these people version 2.0 of the consumers that lead to "don't use your blowdryer in the bathtub" or "your McD's coffee is hot" warning labels?  I think maybe that's the case. 

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