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shd prez be on blckbry?

July 31, 2008


We've all received them. Those annoying Blackberry messages that take a team of managers to decipher. In my office, the only person important enough to send those is, rightfully so, the president. We all gather around our laptops and type the mess...

Online Nostalgia

July 29, 2008


If you're living in my world, you're well aware that last week Hasbro sued Scrabulous and today, the game was removed from Facebook in the US and Canada. There's so much swirl about this news that it's impossible to keep up. You would think it was...


July 24, 2008


I???m all for eco-causes, bamboo clothing and organic food, but a bribe to be green? I don???t really think that???s necessary. Take this email I just received from my alma mater, XXX State U in this case (I can???t bring myself to call them out entirely....

View from the Inside: Google

July 21, 2008


Remember my friend, dEE? The one that rode the T in Boston to share her insights about another kind of "mobile marketing?" Well, she's back. This time from her new home in the Bay area where she goes inside none-other than the Google cafeteria: On...


July 18, 2008


Good story today about how Levi's is reversing its localization strategy. They're now taking their all-American brand to a global audience with the same cut, the same look and feel and even the same commercials and marketing campaigns in every reg...

Is your job sexy?

July 17, 2008


Had a conversation with some other PR-types last night about how it always looks so sexy to be in advertising or PR in the movies and on TV. Think Samantha in SATC or the guys on MadMen. Apparently, our conversation was more timely than we knew, s...

Can these businesses survive?

July 10, 2008


As technology progresses, you find yourself thinking things your grandparents never thought, such as: "am I beginning to think in 160 characters?," or "who is really answering all those 'wire money to the bahamas' emails?," or "who's still using a...