Personal Branding

Posted on July 8, 2008


I took a little (ok, a long) vacation, thus the break in posting.  Now that I’m back on solid ground, there’s plenty to keep me busy here at the office.  Since we’re hiring, one of those things is interviews. 

Now, imagine it’s your job to determine how well someone can jump into the social media realm on behalf of their clients by asking them questions in an interview – sounds challenging, right?   And “Googling” them just never seems like enough.  I think it comes down to having a natural curiosity and a solid personal brand. 

So, to our potential intervieweees and future colleagues, I have some tips:

If I ask, “do you see an opportunity for our clients to participate in social media?” The answer is “yes.”  Hopefully followed by a really great reason and suggestion from how you’ve made it work in your past experience.

If I ask, “are you on Facebook?”  The answer is also “yes.”  And, hopefully you’ve already read this AdAge article or something similar and spent some time cleaning up your personal brand.  When I “Google” you later, I should be nothing short of impressed.

Are they teaching kids these things at liberal arts colleges?  Or, as one recent candidate told me, are they “discouraging the use of the internet for research…”

And on a personal rant, if you don’t understand the question, please clarify.  You are allowed to have a conversation during an interview.  Happy job hunting.


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