Is your job sexy?

Posted on July 17, 2008


Had a conversation with some other PR-types last night about how it always looks so sexy to be in advertising or PR in the movies and on TV.  Think Samantha in SATC or the guys on MadMen.  Apparently, our conversation was more timely than we knew, since AdAge also posted something this morning about attracting young talent to agencies.

I agree with the AdAge blogger in the sense that young agency talent is often naive about how sexy the job might be.  Point proven x2: We recently interviewed a candidate that sited a movie as her reason for wanting to be in PR.  I also suspect that the girl who infamously only worked at our agency for only a single day because she “didn’t know she’d be in front of a computer so much” saw that same movie.  Clearly, this is an industry that needs some expectation setting – and soon. 

PR and advertising must be the most exaggeratedly (is that a word?) sexy industries as portrayed by Hollywood.  Can you think of anything else to add to the list?  Doctors, maybe?  They’re never really working when they’re on screen – much more dating than blood, which I’m sure is a little misleading.

I have some other theories about how PR is a “made up” job, but maybe that’s a post for another day.  All the misrepresentation aside, I think it’s cool that in our industry you can choose your own path.  And really, this job can be as sexy as you make it to be.  Since we’re talking about “made up” jobs, you can always make up a cooler one.

p.s. I have to get cable ASAP so I can watch this show.  I can sense the addiction coming:

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