Posted on July 24, 2008


I???m all for eco-causes, bamboo clothing and organic food, but a bribe to be green?  I don???t really think that???s necessary.  Take this email I just received from my alma mater, XXX State U in this case (I can???t bring myself to call them out entirely.  I did really like it there before they started hounding me for money):

XXX State University sets the standard as a sustainable and environmentally responsible institution of higher education and the nation’s “green” leader.

In August, the Dean of your college at XXX State University will be sending you a letter with important news and information. As one of the many “green” efforts XXX State is undertaking, we will print the letters on recycled paper with soy ink. You can help us be even more “green” by making a gift online at before we print our annual letter.

If you make a gift to any area of your choice by July 31, we will remove your letter from the printing list and save resources including paper, postage, and time. Making a gift online allows us to put your money to work right away for your favorite program. You can still read the letter from your Dean (see letters below)???.

I love how they send me this email like they???re holding that piece of recycled, soy-inked paper hostage.  Oh, and do they ever tell you what they???re doing to be more ???green????  Nope.  Maybe this is their entire effort ??? guilting alums into saving paper.  That way they can leave all the lights on 24/7 and force co-eds to buy 10+ printed textbooks per quarter. 

Try again, University.  You???ve got to come up with something better than that if you want my money.  Do you have a similar story?  Add it below.

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