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Things that make my job look easy

August 26, 2008


As you can tell from previous entries, I was a little obsessed with watching the Olympics... and now I've moved on to presidential politics and the DNC (more on that shortly), which leads me to a few things that make my job look easy. I've been th...

If you advertise it, I will eat it

August 19, 2008


File this under, "poorly placed blame." Recently, a BusinessWeek story about junk food marketing caught my eye. In summary, there are a lot of people up in arms about how food and beverage companies that make unhealthy things (like Lucky Charms or...

Going for the Gold

August 14, 2008


There was a lot of hype heading into the Summer games about what Olympic athletes would be wearing and the gear they'd be using to help them win shiny gold medals in Beijing. There's no better way to market to a Gen XYZer than to have a dolphin-ma...

Kind of, Sort of — Or What I See as “Like 2.0”

August 11, 2008


My favorite guest blogger, dEE is back. She recently shared her thoughts about dinner at Google, and now she's highlighting something I think all GenXYZers will agree is totally annoying. Just when employers are complaining about hiring us if we s...

Marketing the USA

August 8, 2008


Like most girls I know, I love watching Project Runway (at least for now while it's on Bravo). This week, the designers' challenge was to design opening ceremony outfits for US Olympic athletes. Since the games kicked off today, it seemed like as ...

Green Marketing vs. Marketing Reality

August 5, 2008


We will now return to your regularly scheduled Gen XYZ marketing programming... (BTW, JetBlue responded that I truly help them make better business decisions. Glad I could help, but my apologies for exposing you to that rant.)Yesterday, I mentione...

Dear airlines: it’s not my fault

August 4, 2008


I was going to blog today about the BRANDWEEK article that listed Gen Y's favorite green brands. That will have to wait...since I saw this article about US Airways jumping on the "charge for a pillow" bandwagon. Here's a little rant about how it's...