Dear airlines: it’s not my fault

Posted on August 4, 2008


I was going to blog today about the BRANDWEEK article that listed Gen Y’s favorite green brands.  That will have to wait…since I saw this article about US Airways jumping on the “charge for a pillow” bandwagon.   Here’s a little rant about how it’s just not my fault that gas is expensive.

Dear JetBlue:

You usually rank near the top of my list of favorite companies.  It’s going to be tough for you to stay there with your pillow-charging shenanigans.  According to the article I just read, “the $7 kit, which fliers can take home with them, comes with a $5 coupon to home furnishings retailer Bed Bath & Beyond.” 

JetBlue (and other airlines that I know read my blog ;)), there are so many things wrong with this.  First of all, Bed Bath & Beyond sends me one of those coupons at least once a week.  There’s a reason I never use them.  They’re already annoying and a waste of paper, so that’s not really going to help me justify the cost of a $7 pillow that I don’t need.  I have pillows at home, thank you. 

Also, think about what you already ask me to do to get through every excruciating trip to the airport.  I’m only allowed to bring a small carry-on with miniature everything, and there’s no chance I’m going to check an extra bag for fear of wasting another $15-$25 dollars on a bag you’ll probably send to the wrong airport anyway.  So, how am I supposed to juggle all of my things, take off my shoes, take out my laptop (thank goodness I don’t have kids to fly with), and carry my own blanket and pillow if I want to avoid buying one of yours?  I know you’re just trying to make up for rising costs, but please find another way.  This is just silly and annoying.

All that said, please keep providing yummy snacks, quick ways to earn free flights and Direct TV, or I may go off the deep end all together.

An annoyed customer,

Here’s my favorite part of the article for anyone still reading (and especially for the United flight attendant that kicked me out of Economy Plus): “In the last year, the nation???s largest airlines have begun chargingfees for everything from checked baggage to excess leg room.”  That’s right, they actually charge me on some airlines for NOT letting the person in front of me sit on my lap.  I’m only 5’9″ and my knees are still in their back, but I did have the $40 option of “excess” legroom. 

Sigh.  It’s not my fault.  Back to much more positive marketing news tomorrow.  In the meantime, the airlines are in a marketing and PR mess all around. 

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