Things that make my job look easy

Posted on August 26, 2008


As you can tell from previous entries, I was a little obsessed with watching the Olympics… and now I've moved on to presidential politics and the DNC (more on that shortly), which leads me to a few things that make my job look easy. 

I've been thinking a lot as I watch network television about the hardest things you could ever have to market.  Now, barring devising advertising campaigns for personal hygiene products (ew), I think you could say that your family and your country are two of the toughest campaigns to master.  I sometimes write submissions for my clients to be included as speakers at industry events, and we often nominate our clients' businesses or products for awards.  Can you imagine writing an Olympic nomination submission for China, for example?  That's way harder than talking about why earphones are cool. 

Or, what if you were Michelle Obama and you were charged with giving a speech at the DNC to market your family to an entire nation?  Nobody's family is that perfect… and while I'm sure my brother would get up there and give me an awesome introduction just like hers, I'm just as sure he wanted to kill me in my sleep when we were kids (I'm almost back to sleeping with both eyes closed since he's 1000 miles away). 

In short, I'm glad that neither of those things are my job, but I do think that MO did a great job at hers last night.  She is a phenomenal public speaker and her story is inspiring.   Now, if they could just make the DNC seem a little less like an overzealous Jesus camp religious rally… and China seem less like a smog-filled, underage-athlete-torturing nation, we'd be set. 

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