Ads that can’t be ignored…

Posted on September 18, 2008


There are a few things swirling around the blogosphere that just can't be ignored in terms of how they attempt to reach GenXYZ. 

The first is MSFT's Jerry Seinfeld ads.  Are they a good alternative to "I'm a Mac?"  Not really, but they're also not as bad as all the bloggers say.  Like it or not, MSFT and Windows are here to stay.  They'll probably never develop ad efforts as cool as Apple's, but they do make software that nearly everyone needs and uses daily.  Contrary to popular belief, some of their hardware and software is also used by real creative-types, just like Apple's.  In any case, the ads are worth watching whether you're a Mac or a PC because it's likely they'll come up in conversation soon…

Video: New Family

The second ad worth watching is from EA.  This is a case of brilliant marketing and a company that embraced social media by responding to user generated content quickly and in a way that speaks directly to their intended audience.  Enough said.  They didn't wait.  They didn't come up with an attack or ask that the user remove his video.  They did what guys do best, they made fun of him in front of his friends and it worked.  They got in their customer's head, and that's a fantastic way to reach GenXYZ.  Other marketers should take notes:

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