Posted on September 23, 2008


So, after the free mascara fiasco(did I mention it made my eyelids swell?  eww), I went back to theexpensive stuff.  Lucky for me, it was free gift time.  Now, we all love free gift time at the makeup counter.  I'm not surewhy, all it really means is that you end up with ugly free lipstick andanother sparkly makeup bag (usually equally ugly).  But hey, we alllove free stuff as the earlier mascara example proves.

Well, what if "free stuff" is insulting?  The free gift this timearound came with my choice of wrinkle-reducing magic serums.  Clearly,the woman asking which one I wanted to try had been working at the makeupcounter WAY too long.  When I tried to make a joke about how I must notneed wrinkle-removing magic potion since I'm still getting carded atthe bar… she didn't even bat a perfectly volumized lash in laughter. She just pointed to the one I should try, put it in my new shiny makeup bag and sent me on my way, which of course made me chuckle to myself (laugh lines, here I come).

The point is, we have enough to live up to without being told we're old and wrinkly before we hit 30.  I don't know if it's a case of Lancome marketing their makeup to older women, or if they're trying to get me hooked early by putting it in my head that I'm a wrinkled mess…  I don't exactly look like Rachel Zoe (a hot mess by definition) yet, so stop pushing your potions on me and the rest of GenXYZ makeup ladies!


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