Green with Guilt

Posted on October 1, 2008


As many of you know, it's official.  I've relocated to the left coast and am happily residing in what the proverbial "they" tell me is the sunniest neighborhood of the foggiest city in the country.  I am happy as a clam.  California is full of good energy (likely stemming from an overwhelming amount of organic food consumption and yoga classes). 

So, it's only fitting that might first post from the west is related to something very Californian indeed.  The greening of marketing.  Now, I've written about green marketing and my quest to be greener before, but this is something entirely new to me.  I've been guilted (gasp!).  I thought only my mother would every make me feel truly guilty without trying, but she's met her match in two places: my apartment building and Bed Bath and Beyond.

First, there's my home.  The first thing I did upon arriving was attempt to figure out the trash situation – important, right?  Turns out, you're not actually allowed to throw things away here in CA.  I was shocked to find that the trash can for my building was the size of my personal trash can in Boston.  I'm not a particularly wasteful person, but really?  Then there's the recycling bin… you guessed it, 3X as big.  I guess nearly EVERYTHING can be recycled.  This is the exact opposite ratio of my east coast digs.

Then, there's my first trip to BBB – also important.  Turns out I could write an entire post on that trip related to things like: since when did BBB become a pharmacy?  Anyway, back to today's topic: shopping for a few cleaning supplies, I went to pick up my standard bottle of Fantastic, which cleans anything.  But in this store, that one lone chemical laden bottle is surrounded by shelves upon shelves of Method and other more enviro-friendly, largely organic supplies.  I have never felt more guilty about wanting a clean kitchen in my life.  I would go broke trying to be eco-consumer, so I settled for organic shampoo and stuck to my guns on the $5 Fantastic.  I still feel terrible about the baby seals I killed, the quality of life I've just flushed down the toilet for my future children — or whatever other awful thing I've done by purchasing that bottle.

I promise to recycle it when I'm done.

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