Looking for “the one?” We don’t have him.

Posted on October 28, 2008


Common preconceptions about the GenXYZ women of the world would tell you that we're all looking for "the one."  If you turn on your TV, you will see that match.com, chemistry.com and eharmony.com all have him (Aside: he's a busy guy, I guess if he's on all those sites… and if they could find him, why can't I?  Maybe it's because he spends all his time inside setting up online dating profiles.  I digress.  Not the point.)

The point is there's one place that lets members do its advertising, and they're all saying the exact opposite: WE DON'T HAVE HIM, HE'S NOT HERE, GIVE US YOUR MONEY ANYWAY.  Where's that, you might be wondering.  The gym. 

I was recently scouting new gyms and came across this one on Yelp.  I will save you the scrolling through 51 reviews.  They all say the same thing: "this place is great for straight women, you should work out here, all the men are gay and they don't try to pick you up while you're chugging away on the eliptical…"  You get the idea.

If you're like me, you think this is funny because you watch all the gay men pick each other up at the gym and that's just fine.  But, in the back of your mind, you also wonder a) are the gym rat reviewers on Yelp dillusional or were they really being picked up by all sorts of sweaty men at their old gyms; and b) where's their old gym? 

Which leads me to a free idea for anyone that's willing to take it, why not build a match.com gym?  Match.com members are already stalking eachother online.  Why not help them multi-task?  Find a date and get in shape for that date all at the same time.  Anyone with me on this?

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