Pass the eyeliner and other advantages men have…

Posted on December 22, 2008


Read this story today about the rise of male grooming products, which is also evidenced every time I go to a salon and sit in the waiting room with men who don't appear to be waiting for their girlfriends.  The MediaPost article says that while metrosexual tendencies are on their way out, grooming products for our male counterparts are here to stay. 

Now, I'm all for a well-groomed man, so go marketers!  And, I think GenXYZ men will be particularly interested in taking care of themselves without being embarrassed by what was previously considered the girlie aisle at the convenience store.  In fact, to my point in the headline, if you ask me, men have a real advantage here that marketers should take advantage of.  For example, remember when you first tried makeup?  If you're like most women, you remember messing it up and looking like a raccoon, but that's not quite my point.  Think about it, your first attempt (or the first perfected one) at makeup was likely a huge difference from what you looked like without it.  However, now that you (assuming you're female for the sake of the argument) put on makeup everyday, you don't really notice a huge difference… it's become something you have to do to look "normal" in the mirror.

Men, on the other hand are experiencing makeup, grooming products and anti-aging potions for the first time in a lot of cases.  So, when they start slathering on face creams, they really work like they say on the box.  On the other hand, GenXYZ women (yes, they even try to sell us anti-aging products) are slowly but surely becoming immune to beauty-enhancing magic bottles.

So marketers, if you want men to wear makeup, wax unspeakable places and buy into the anti-aging hype, might as well get 'em while they're young, just like you did with us.

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