Destination Israel

Posted on January 8, 2009


Happy New Year!  Every year around this time, I start planning vacations in my head, most of which never actually happen.  So, in searching for destinations that would be fun (and given the economy, cheap), I take recommendations from everywhere — friends to billboards.

I've been meaning to blog about one travel billboard in particular for some time now.  Essentially, it's a billboard that looks like an ad for Sex & The City… but is instead an ad for Israeli tourism.  Here's what SF Weekly had to say.  The text says it's "different from the Israel in the news."  That's an especially important selling point now that Israel is bombing civilians in other countries.  It does make you think you'd be caught in the cross fire should you actually hang out with those Sex & The City lookalikes. 

Maybe it's just unfortunate timing on the part of the billboard, or maybe they just should've left the news out of it, hoping that the people reacting to the ad wouldn't be the news-reading type.  For now the billboard is here to stay – according to SF Weekly there's no one willing to pay to replace it – so Israel is advertising for free… which is about how much a billboard ad for a war-torn country is worth if you ask me.

So, the search continues… other destination recommendations?  So far, Cuba and Kenya are at the top of the list.

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