Velcro vs. Tights: Rounds One and Two

Posted on January 20, 2009


I vaguely remember that ad (was it Hanes?) with a woman climbing a thorny bush to show how strong her pantyhose were.  I'm not sure I was old enough to wear hose at the time, so I must remember the ad from college marketing classes.  It all came crashing back to me the other day when I had my own run-in with a 21st century version of that thorny bush (aka the velcro on my commuter bag).

Velcro might be a good invention, but when you're wearing tights and have a meeting with a CEO later in the day, it doesn't make for a good combination.  To make a very long and amusing story short, the same velcro attacked the replacement tights later in the day – pure comedy to everyone but my wallet that just paid too much for them.

My point here is that there are some ads that just stick with you.  Not only is it tied to nostalgia, it's about the vivid images these ads present.  Think about it… no woman in her right mind would climb into rose bushes wearing pantyhose.  But, if I'm at the store and need to choose between the pair of tights that can stand up to my messenger bag and those that are just marketed to make me look a little thinner – I'll take the tough pair any day. 

What was that ad… anyone know?  I'm sure it's famous.

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