Guide to Infomercial Rock Stardom

Posted on January 28, 2009


Like most GenXYZers, I watch TV at the gym.  Every once in a while a crazy longer-than-a-commercial but not-quite-an-infomercial comes on advertising a blanket with sleeves. (?!)  I'm sure you've seen the one where the people just can't possibly use a regular blanket for laying on the couch, and they wouldn't dare heat their houses with today's outrageous energy costs.  Every time this almost-infomercial comes on, I try to hide my hysterical laughter and check around me to see if anyone else is in on the ridiculous joke.  Nothing phases the people at my gym apparently, so I'm doomed to laugh alone. 

I'm not the only one that's noticed the "Snuggies" as it turns out.  According to AdAge, these things are selling like hotcakes – making a profit (gasp) even before they hit retail shelves.  That's not even the most amazing part.  These crazy contraptions have also spurred a viral video phenomenon online.  More than 200 YouTubers have made parodies of the ad, and those have been viewed 100s of 1000s of times.

Now, the folks in charge of the commerical will tell you that some of the scenes were "intentionally over the top," but I don't buy that.  I think they didn't realize how crazy they were making people look until the amateurs turned their ad into humor.  Either way, this is good for a laugh:


And it just goes to show that marketers never really know what will go viral. Apparently, low budget half-infomercials, Billy Mays endorsements and cute kittens are the surest way to success with the YouTube crowd.

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