In case of surprise scuba invitation…

Posted on February 6, 2009


You know the scene.  You're sitting at your desk at 5pm and your coworker comes over and asks if you want to skip out for a post-work cocktail.  Um, yes please.  Nowhere in this scene – ever – is there a post work scuba diving invitation (unless you're working in the Bahamas, in which case you're already dressed for the occasion).

Why then, do fashion designers insist on selling us things like this "scuba pullover?"


Over the past few years a number of really cool fashion sites have hit the scene selling discounted designer frocks through "invitation only" emails.  Now, I generally love those sites – Hautelook, ideeli and Gilt Groupe (where the above picture was uncovered by my friend L).  But lately – probably a sign of the times – I cut back on the number of times I even bother to open them.  Even at a discount, it just doesn't seem like the time to splurge on designer duds.  Case in point, the above scuba pullover is discounted to $600 (a steal vs. the original $2,300). 

On the other hand, if you really love what you see above and you're the "always be prepared for scuba invitations" type, send me a note and I'll invite you into the world of discount designer email shopping. 

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