Yelp It.

Posted on March 12, 2009


Almost everyone I know in San Francisco Yelps a restaurantbefore they try it.  Why not find outwhat the masses are saying before diving in? Sure, you might find a hidden gem that you just happen to walk by, butwith Yelp on your iPhone, even then you probably won???t have to go in cold. 

Now, there have been lots of rumors that Yelp forcesrestaurants to pay them by threatening to take away good reviews and push thebad to the top.  It???s not hard to believe??? just looking at the differences in a few hot spots shows some with glowingreviews and others being bashed on page one.  Could that be just random luck?

That???s why I like what Pizzeria Delfina,an awesome restaurant in my neighborhood is doing.  They???re embracing Yelp by not only lettingthe bad reviews live on, but by capturing and proudly wearing them ??? literally ontheir shirts.  Check out the article fromthe NYT.  Are they taking on the system; are theymocking the reviewers themselves? Regardless of their intensions, it???s a hit.  In fact, I???d argue there???s a market for theset-shirts with Yelpers.  With one star orfive, I know I???ll be eating there again.

This Yelper disagrees: ???Can't say I've tried the pizza,never got past the sidewalk blockade of mouth-breathing yuppie trash thatpatronize the place. Put that on a t-shirt.???

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