“Wine is more dot.com-y than ever”

Posted on April 10, 2009


Because it made me chuckle, I wanted to share this video, which showcases how my two loves – wine and the internet – are coming together.  I'm guilty of helping out with that "rise in wine drinking among every generation," and I'm also a member of a number of the online networks dedicated to the delicious beverage.

So, while I often argue that marketers are just talking to themselves in one big echo chamber (as evidenced by all the people that have asked me what Twitter is this week), I think it's a fit for the wine business.  After spending some time in my past life working for a winery in Napa, I can tell you first hand that in this case, online behavior mimics "the real world."  You'll find that most people in the wine business are inextricably linked and their marketing efforts are largely targeted to one another… The internet is just a vehicle to help them recruit a few young, wine drinking millenials along the way. 

Cheers and happy Friday.

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