Generation whYne?

Posted on July 2, 2009


It has come to my attention that GenXYZ might be a little whine-y.  And why wouldn't we be?  Sure, everyone else is stuck in this massive recession right along with us, but we're supposed to be in our prime.  Instead, we're stuck with a massive amount of college debt and no hope of upward mobility (if we even kept our job in the last round of layoffs). Wah. Wah. Wah. 

And it's not just that, companies are trying to wrong us every time we turn around.  Overdraw your checking account?  "Stupid Bank of America."  Miss the train?  "Ugh, why is Caltrain never late when I am?"  Flight delayed?  "United is killing me!"  Couldn't possibly be that you're an irresponsible money manager, who left the house late and booked a flight during a nor'easter.  At least that's how it would seem if you were tracking Facebook status updates, Twitter streams and email subject lines.  Which leads me to believe, we're not more bitter than any other generation, we just have more ways to broadcast our woes.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of technology (I'm sure there's a Facebook page for that, too) – it's how accurately (or inaccurately in some cases) it represents you that I'm perplexed by.

Some GenXYZers use Facebook as a medium for only positive updates – pics of the new baby, new dog or last weekend's party.  Others broadcast every annoyance from the everyday, "my milk went sour this morning!"  Sure, we all get the urge to complain… do you get the urge to do it online?  I can't tell you how many times I've sat on hold with a company and desperately wanted to tweet about how much I hated them at that very moment… and in my weaker moments, I probably did. 

Here's the thing, not only are we a bunch of whiners, we're also about to become the generation that cried  (Bad joke?  Maybe.)  So, I'm calling my own amnesty day.  I'm giving all the companies I've complained about a clean slate… and vowing to only voice my complaints or annoyances when there's something they can do to fix it.  Saying "Comcast sux" in 140 character or less does not make them suck less, but alerting their team to an outage so they can dispatch a truck to your neighborhood on the other hand, might be helpful.

So, when you see my always-smiling face in Facebook photos and wonder, does this girl ever get annoyed?  The answer is yes – but she's no longer going to tell you about it.  Give it a shot.

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