Diagnosed with ADD of the Internet Variety

Posted on July 30, 2009


Stop. Don't open a new tab.  Read this entire post first.  Right, the chances of that happening are very slim.  And it's not because you don't find this blog totally captivating (actually, I'm a little worried if you do).  My point is, we all have Internet ADD.  You probably have at least 8 tabs and three windows open right now.  Maybe you're listening to Pandora, reading a blog, waiting for a video to load and scanning today's latest headlines alongside tomorrow's weather.  To top it off, you're probably bored.

If you're like me, you live online.  You're hunting for the latest funny blog or video while doing work, tweeting and updating your Facebook status.  The irony of it all is that those things don't actually alleviate boredom.  In fact, they might lead to it.  When we can't find something to entertain us online, it takes about two minutes before we give up and write off the entire internet as "boring."  (Which begs the question, what did we do before the Internet?)

When we do find something entertaining?  Of course we share it with our 250 closest friends.  The problem there is that the standard for entertainment and laugh-out-loud (yes, laugh-out-loud, not LOL) funny is so excruciatingly low… and getting lower.

It's not just that.  Internet ADD is seeping into our real lives.  How many times have you been at dinner or at a bar and your date/friend/co-worker looks away from you to check his/her Blackberry, iPhone or other addictive device.  What, are you waiting for me to load?  Are you trying to reboot so I say something funny? 

So, if you see me in the wild, I beg you: put down the phone.  Step away from your device.  You can update your status, post photos of our meal, yelp the restaurant and tweet about our conversation later.  In the meantime, try something new: entertain me.  Live, in the flesh.  Tell me a joke and hear my laugh, it's much more lively than me typing "LOL" over IM. 

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