Maybe They’re Wrong

Posted on August 7, 2009


This week, I've encountered a few circumstances that made me wonder: are they going to take away my GenXYZ i.d. card?  Everyone in "my generation" likes to research everything online, right?  We trust peer recommendations first and foremost, right?  This is where absolutes don't do us a bit of good.  Here are some examples:

In search of a place to stay…
I'm planning a trip with my mom and found a historic Colorado hotel that looks absolutely adorable in the photos.  Yes, I was researching online – I checked, Orbitz and most important, TripAdvisor.  The problem?  Most of the reviews weren't great – 2/5 star ratings are crushing my vacation fantasies.  So, I find myself stuck with the same problem as using Yelp.  When there's a restaurant you really want to try, do you hand-pick your sources and read only the good reviews?  Do you change your order because a fellow Yelper hated the hamburger?  Or, do you disregard the bad reviews, eat the meal and book the hotel and hope to prove 156 other reviewers wrong?

Navigating the healthcare maze…
I won't bore you with TMI on my recently discovered medical condition.  However, you should know two things: 1) the state of healthcare for healthy, insurance-paying adults in this country is absurd.  What might-be-serious or might-be-nothing will leave me broke. 2) There are some things you just don't want to know.  Maybe most GenXYZers would rush to the internet to research their medical condition, but I am not "most." 

To me, that's just plain scary.  Yes, I know that WebMD, PatientsLikeMe and other healthcare sites are out there.  In many ways, I'm sure they're helpful to a lot of people; they give you questions to ask, let you know what to expect from tests… the list goes on.  Or, if you're me, they leave you with sleepless nights and have you Googling "insomnia" in the morning.  Sure, healthcare is a mess, but I still prefer to get the details from a certified professional – in person.  Old school?  Maybe.  Anxiety-reducing?  Definitely.

What do you think?  What do you research online, and what would you rather hear in person or experience first-hand?

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