Some Things Never Change

Posted on August 11, 2009


Watched a great rerun of Mad Men last night.?? Made me thing that some things just never change.?? In this particular episode, they were upgrading the office hardware with a fancy new copier – which of course, no one knew how to use until they started copying their faces.?? I've been through many new hardware and software implementations since I joined the corporate world and the sentiment was so accurate.?? Everyone flocks to the shiny new thing and only a select few ever bother to figure out how to use it to their advantage.

The second theme was hiring a younger, more creative workforce.?? Sterling Cooper is looking to hire a young, creative team – art talent and copywriter.?? It's just like we search for GenY talent today to help us bolster our social media efforts.?? I'm with Don on this one: just because someone is younger, doesn't mean they have a fresh perspective.?? In fact, I'd say that some of those 1950s youngsters and some of our current version are just as stuck in their ways as their 30+ counterparts.?? When society keeps telling you that you're the future, it's easy to just sit back and let the future come.?? The members of GenY who will really move the needle are the ones that aren't looking to get hired on the relevance of their age alone.?? They're the ones that are fighting it out and starting something new – where else would we come up with Web phenomenons like Facebook and Twitter?

Some things never change.

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