Totally Made Up TV

Posted on August 31, 2009


Oh how I love thee, Reality TV.  Like most Gen XYZers I know, reality TV for me is a necessary escape from my own personal Real World.  No, the irony isn't lost on me.  Quite the opposite.

Watching my millionth episode of Real Housewives recently, and realizing just how much time I've wasted on other people's realities got me thinking.  First, why aren't any of these women actually housewives?  And more important, why is it so boring when they act normal?  You know the scene – the monologue they tape right after some crazy, exaggerated and scream-filled scene.  You want the reality TV stars to keep ranting, screaming and throwing things because it's the precise opposite of what you'd do.  But, sometimes they just blurt out something that makes you think, "I know where she's coming from, and would've done the same thing myself."

Is it time to turn off the TV and get out of the house?  Time to find a new, more contrived reality TV show to hold your attention?  I'm not sure how this reality TV obsession started, but it's clear that our attention can't possibly be held by normal people.  Real life is just not as good as made up TV.

Quick note on another form of reality TV that seems relevant here: I'm watching Planet Earth in New Guinea, and they're showing male birds performing dances to attract a female mate.  They say, the evolution of picky females has led to the male birds' showmanship.  "The more extravagant the show, the more likely he'll be noticed. There's no such thing as over the top."

And thus is the evolution of picky, 21st century reality TV lovers.


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