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Amazing Bandana by archicraft

September 30, 2009


via This is so cool. I must have it. I can sense my Halloween costume in the making.

The CliffsNotes Version of Me

September 29, 2009


When I originally started my blog, GenXYZ in 2007, this was how I described my point of view: Wikipedia (the Merriam Webster of my-so-called-generation) defines Generation X as ???anyone born from 1960 to 1978 in North America,??? and those born betwe...

Fixie Bicycles, Appealing to a Select Subculture

September 28, 2009


Well, fixies are impractical, perverse throwbacks to a time more than a century ago, before the invention of the derailleur and the Tour de France, when the bicycle chain and the pneumatic tube were novelties, and the high-wheel penny-farthing "or...

Beautiful day in San Francisco

September 27, 2009



Well, that’s Impactful

September 24, 2009


A non-existent word coined by corporate advertising, marketing and business drones to make their work sound far more useful, exciting and beneficial to humanity than it really is. This term is most frequently used in "team building" seminars and c...

Food Ads vs. Reality on Video

September 23, 2009


via Like this video from Germany. Processed food is not all it's cracked up to be.

The Small Object: The Miniature Mustache Stick

September 13, 2009


via Ah, yes. Small wooden mustaches are useful for so many things.