The CliffsNotes Version of Me

Posted on September 29, 2009


When I originally started my blog, GenXYZ in 2007, this was how I described my point of view:  

Wikipedia (the Merriam Webster of my-so-called-generation) defines Generation X as ???anyone born from 1960 to 1978 in North America,??? and those born between 1961 and 1981.  According to their definition, I???m also a member of Generation Y, the Boomerang generation, and the MTV generation.  Can you see how some late twenty-somethings might be confused?  Can you see why marketers have a hard time identifying and reaching us?

We???ve come a long way since ???I want my MTV.???  There are so many mediums in which to reach my generation that only a select few companies are successfully keeping up.  Three major television networks have turned into hundreds of popular cable channels, magazines titles can be counted by the 100s, and my generation???s time is increasingly segmented by the internet and social networks.  In his recent BusinessWeek cover story, Steve Hamm described us, the global youth culture, in the following way: ???They???re used to being pitched products; many of them welcome it.  But they???re turned off by clumsy attempts to win their approval and pry away their money.???  I couldn???t have described myself better, myself.

While that description still rings true to me, it???s also true that the world is moving in new and exciting ways.  It often doesn???t slow down long enough for us to blog about our opinions, or even to comment on other posts we???re passionate about.  Enter Posterous, microblogging and lifestreaming, aka the quickest ways to publish the thoughts lurking in your head.  Any thought, any time. 

For the shorthand version of me, the best places to look now include:  Of course you can always follow my up-to-the-minute ideas at: And I occasionally contribute to our agency???s blog at:  

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