Recession intensifies GenX discontent at work –

Posted on November 16, 2009


Everyone surveyed worried about job security. Gen X and Gen Y were most likely to complain about pay. But a “lack of career progress,” was by far the biggest gripe from Gen Xers, with 40 percent giving that as a reason for their restlessness, compared with 30 percent of Gen Yers, 20 percent of baby boomers and 14 percent of senior workers.

Gen Yers, meanwhile, were more likely than the other generations to cite “lack of challenges in the job” as a reason they would leave, while baby boomers more often chose “poor employee treatment during the downturn” and a “lack of trust in leadership.”

An interesting story about how Gen X is dissatisfied with work. I’ve been hearing the same sentiment from my Gen XYZ friends. It seems that everyone is discontent, just for different reasons. The job market will no doubt be an interesting one to watch as the economy rebounds. How many people will career hop when the dust settles?

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