A perspective on consumers & advertising

Posted on December 8, 2009


Here’s a summary of U.S. consumer responses when asked about their frequency of engaging with brands/advertising via the Internet and social media during the past year:

  • Following a brand on Twitter: 82% have never done this, 4% are doing it more often than a year ago, 1% less often, and 9% with the same frequency.
  • Promoting a brand or ad on their social networking pages or becoming a brand fan: 63% have never done, 9% are doing more often, 6% less often, and 18% with the same frequency.
  • Sharing links to ads that they like with friends: 55% have never done, 7% are doing more often, 9% less often, and 26% with the same frequency.
  • Searching for an ad on the Internet (e.g. YouTube): 51% have never done, 8% are doing more often, 12% less often, and 27% with the same frequency.

It’s always good for those of us that live in the always-on marketing world to remember that’s just not the case for everyone. The vast majority of people have never done the things I spend my working hours trying to get them to do.

All of this begs the questions: How can we change this? Should we change this? Do you have a different opinion as a consumer and a marketer?

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