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On Marketing to GenY Women

January 26, 2010


via This interesting article talked about marketing to Gen Y women, how Gen X women differ in their preferences and how we've all redefined "peer group" in the wake of social media. An interesting read.

What Social Followers Want – eMarketer

January 25, 2010


via I may have talked about this before, but this article got me thinking about why I follow brands on social sites and why I think my friends follow brands. There seems to be at least one option missing here: I follow brands to broa...

Thinking about coupons and missed opportunities

January 21, 2010


via Last night, there was a promotion at the gym - a product jockey handing out free samples of G2 on your way in/out. So far, Gatorade has it right. a) They're pushing a low-cal drink at the gym, and b) Everyone likes free stuff. I...

Dilbert goes to CES

January 12, 2010


via Ah, how many times has this happened to you?

Fight against fat goes high-tech

January 6, 2010


Will all this wizardry lead to a slimmer society? Scientists say there's reason to hope. Getting an accurate picture of what people eat and how often they move around will help researchers develop personalized weight-loss advice. Obesity is epidem...