Thinking about coupons and missed opportunities

Posted on January 21, 2010



Last night, there was a promotion at the gym – a product jockey handing out free samples of G2 on your way in/out. So far, Gatorade has it right. a) They’re pushing a low-cal drink at the gym, and b) Everyone likes free stuff. In fact, they even handed me a coupon for $ off if I buy the product later. So, what’s missing?

Pass-along. If that coupon had a code I could tweet, or add to my Facebook status, or share in any way, I would’ve shared it. I would’ve encouraged hundreds more people to get their 50 cent discount and try the water. As it stands, they didn’t even give me an extra printed coupon for a friend.

As much as people like free stuff, they also like sharing deals. I’m happy to talk about your product if I like it (I’m not a huge fan of G2, which I think tastes like kool-aid, but that’s beside the point), but I’d rather share a great deal and thus, my experience with your product, with a few hundred of my closest friends.

This is why, by the way, @groupon is great. I can tweet, retweet, email and share great discounts with my friends. Then, we can all share the experience on that trip to the spa, or coffee shop… whatever the case may be. That’s an entirely new level of brand engagement.

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