What Social Followers Want – eMarketer

Posted on January 25, 2010



I may have talked about this before, but this article got me thinking about why I follow brands on social sites and why I think my friends follow brands. There seems to be at least one option missing here: I follow brands to broadcast a part of my personality.

By saying that I’m a fan of Method, for example, I’m showing my friends and followers that I care about green cleaning. By becoming a fan of a certain movie or TV show, I’m essentially updating my profile to tell you about that part of my personality. Sometimes I do this to tell friends, “hey, I saw that you’re a fan and I agree.”

Sure, I’d like to learn about specials and deals like it says on the chart above. However, I’m not always in the market for your products. You might get me to buy if you randomly offer me a coupon, but it’s more likely that I’ll decide I need your product and I’ll go out and search for a coupon code or deal. It’s about connecting via social media to keep you top-of-mind, and then it’s about instant gratification on the deal front.

What do you think? Why are you a fan of a brand? Why do you follow brands on Twitter? I’d love to know.

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