We’re willing to pay for things that are worth paying for…

Posted on February 17, 2010



In some not-so-shocking news, Nielsen did some digging around what we’re willing to pay for when it comes to online content. I default to free content myself, but I suppose if I really wanted to see a movie or read a newspaper or magazine story, I’d throw a few dollars at it. Part of the issue here is how you pay for it. If it’s from my phone and they have my billing information, great. If you want me to get up to get my credit card number… I’ll probably forget why I wanted to read that story before I ever get that far.

I’m a fan of newspapers/magazines/movie rental sites that add content options for free when you’re a subscriber. So, I like that I can watch Netflix online since I receive their movies in the mail. Same goes for WSJ. So, for magazines like WIRED and others… I’m happy to experience your content through multiple media, but only want to pay for it once.

Your thoughts?

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